Esports.NGO encourages physical exercise via esports

During the COVID pandemic, pupils had to shift a lot to home education. While some subjects are more accessible online, physical education related to pupils’ emotional engagement is very limited. Esports become an important instrument, maintaining such interaction between the pupil and keep engaged in physical activities. 

Esports – sport for new generations

Esports is a sport for new generations. The industry has all the attributes of traditional sports and attracts millions of people. 

Esports and COVID pandemic

Esports was the only sport that allowed people to compete and be engaged during the pandemic, creating positive moments. 

Esports improves the results

Integration of esports and gaming allows to improve results in education* and empowers the interaction between students.

Example of the projects:

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UNESCO calls for investment in quality physical education to support COVID-19 recovery. We encourage local communities and organizations to think about projects with esports, as this is one of few instruments to safely engage people