Esports.NGO promotes the integration of esports into educational activities as this has proven positive effects on the results.

According to the research by Extreme Networks and eCampus New, which has surveyed 281 technical and administrative leaders across primary and higher education in North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East shows that 

  • one in five schools already have supported esports activities
  • and many of their colleagues are thinking about following them

56% of surveyed stated that introducing esports improved overall campus experience, while 41% found it to help with student recruitment genuinely

We run integrated educational programs, stand-alone seminars. We provide open access to our knowledge and competencies to anyone. 

To learn more, ask for support or support the program, please get in touch with us:

“Esports can not only be a fun activity to support learning in content areas, such as sport and PE, but also a pedagogical basis for supporting digital literacy, socialisation and teamwork”