Esports.NGO helps to create equal opportunities for gamers from all over the World

The esports ecosystems in every country are different and lack compatibility with other countries, limiting opportunities for people from the countries where the infrastructure is less developed. 

We believe that gamers from any country, gender, age, or social status should have similar opportunities. That’s why we develop the concept of #AllGamerMatters. 

Within this initiative, we develop tools and instruments, which create: 

  • Inclusive and sustainable growth of players community
  • Clear visibility and management of local communities 
  • Compatible rating system throughout all member states 
  • The global community of players and teams
  • Social interaction and interchange

Example of the project:

To learn more, ask for support or support the program, please contact us to:

We have started our work development of the framework, which could help people create a homogeneous cross-border community. Our experience has shown that on top of the framework, the IT solution is needed. That’s why we have supported the project