We believe that esports is an integral part of the present and will become even more critical in the future. During social distancing times, and became the only live entertainment.
The beauty of esports is that it creates unique opportunities, allowing people without regard to their social status, gender, or geography to become successful. However, the industry is still facing challenges – starting from gender inequality to very limited opportunities in countries with less favorable economic conditions.

We want to make esports a better place and aim to unite people with similar goals. is a place to share ideas, find like-minded people, and support existing capabilities.
Share your ideas, thoughts, and propositions.

Our goals

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Equal opportunities

Equal opportunities

Promotion of diversity, equal opportunities, inclusiveness via esports


Making improvements in education and physical activities via esports


Creation of sustainable esports ecosystem around the globe


Letter from founder

Here's my story

In 2000, when I was 13 y.o. and growing in a poor suburb of a post-soviet city, several hours per week on the internet (via dial-up and very expensive) were one of the few opportunities to get connected to the world. We could only read – listening to the audio was not possible with the speed of the internet back in the day. Dreaming to watch the video was beyond our understanding of the world.

And exactly back to these days, I’ve received my first experience in esports (well, it was called “computer sports” then, but not many changes). In 2000 I’ve won my first esports competition and was interviewed for TV, and my name started to appear often in the newspapers and on TV. In the upcoming years, I’ve won prizes, which were extremely expensive for my family. All this gave me great confidence in myself and allowed me to implement this confidence in my life – I’ve started to practice more real sports, improved my results considerably in education, and became active in extra class activities. All this led me to successfully enter the top university in the country I’ve been living in and gave me a great base to build the future.

When in 2013 I was invited to help the project in esports to develop the strategy, I couldn’t resist. I gave up my career in consulting to dedicate myself to helping people with the great instrument of esports and gaming. I’m blessed to be able to follow this path. I’m blessed to meet great like-minded people who believe in me and the project. We are working hard to develop projects which allow helping people around the world via esports and gaming.

I hear a lot that gaming is bad, addictive, etc. But I know in my example that esports can help build character, personality and help to build a sustainable future. People, who refer to gaming as harming people, probably think that it’s better for the youngster to drink, go drugs and take real guns in their hands – because often, these are real alternatives. I believe that being connected to the global community and desiring to be the best is a much better alternative. And esports is exactly about these alternatives.

But I was lucky to get all these values from esports because, in my city, there was a community and ecosystem with tournaments. It was run by great people who were real enthusiasts. Today the technology allows providing people anywhere with opportunities. That’s why I’ve created Esports.NGO – international initiative, which unites tech and knowledge and spreads this around the world.
Esports can’t solve all the global problems. But it can help on this path. 

Join us on this path.

Ignat Bobrovich, 

CEO & Founder